Why Litigate?...Mediate. Divorce Mediation: The Sensible Alternative
  Why Litigate?...Mediate.  Divorce Mediation: The Sensible Alternative


Here's what people are saying about Elaine Berg Camlet, Attorney at Law...

"I went to Elaine's office with a ton of issues. I was seeking a divorce, selling and buying a house and needed a new will. She was fantastic. Helped my ex and I through our divorce with very little conflict and for a lot less than if we each got our own attorney. I have heard horror stories from my friends about their divorces and how much it cost and all the fighting. I didn't have any of that with my divorce by going through mediation with Elaine. I highly recommend her."

Deborah C., Islip, NY 2017


"My family would like to personally thank Elaine Camlet of the Law Office of Elaine Berg Camlet with helping us obtain our home. She held our hand through the entire process, and worked her butt off. She would be emailing parties till late hours of the night to make sure our numbers and terms were all right and that we meet all the deadlines. We had some issues with some of the parties that made us want to walk away from our new home, but Elaine came in and settled all tension and got results, even when there seemed like nothing could be done she came through. I sincerely hope that if anyone is looking for a fair and honest attorney they would use Mrs. Camlet. We personally recommend her."
Wala and Christine Canario, June 2015


"Elaine is a fantastic lawyer. She was recommended to me and my family and we couldn't have been more well pleased. She helped us handle several complicated real estate matters. We were confident throughout the process as Elaine combined her expertise and experience to resolve our issues quickly and to our satisfaction. Elaine is thorough, responsive, and exhibits great judgment and integrity."

Jeanette McCormack Shipsey, Nassau County, 2014


"Elaine helped my ex-husband and I achieve a fair settlement and move forward with our separate lives with very little fighting.  Our children did not have to be involved at all.  She explained things and gave us information without making decisions for us.  She also completed all our paperwork and followed through all the way to a divorce decree.  I would highly recommend Elaine Camlet as a divorce mediator."

Judith B., December 2014







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